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Hi, my name is Sean Ormiston.

I like software that solves problems. I like designs that foster clear thinking, and I admire an open-source ethos where tools are specific and knowledge is shared.

As a newly graduated classical musician in 2012, I relocated to Brazil for 4 years of performance work, learning the language as I went. When I returned to the US, I started work as a logistics coordinator for an international performing arts agency.

As an information worker who had to multi-task across the globe, and anticipate clients' needs with great detail, I began writing my first Python scripts to create efficiencies and eliminate human error during repetitive tasks. I began looking at every operation in terms of its constants and variables...and thinking about the kind of software I wish I'd had.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy reading science fiction and history, foreign films, kettlebell training, and keeping up chops on my instrument - the double bass.

Check out the rest of my site to see some of my projects!

My Work

Check out some of my projects...

P1 - SquirrelTales

Squirrel Tales

Squirrel Tales brings NYC Open Data's archival notes of the 2018 Central Park Squirrel Census to life. A JSON set of approximately 800 records is accessed via a CSS grid that fits snugly atop the beautiful engraving work of the official census map. Click "Fetch a story" to get started.

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P4 - HivePro


Rehearsal Studio Booking

HivePro is a full stack application where band-affiliated users can check session availability at a hypothetical rehearsal studio, and manage their bookings with full CRUD functionality.

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P3 - Mydiem



A study in design fidelity and React-based componentization, Mydiem also features persistent CRUD hacked out through an AirTable backend. Speak lorem ipsum? Leave a comment!

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P3 - The Door Nonprofit

The Door

Collaborative Project

In this tandem programming project split among a 4-person team, we coded a UX team's high-fidelity redesign of a community service website with NoSQL-based CRUD and near pixel-perfect accuracy.

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